Valtteri Bottas says he is feeling pretty confidence with his driving amid recent surge, as he says nothing has changed between him and Mercedes.

Its been quite the surge for Mercedes’ Bottas in the last few races, especially after the bad ones he had before the F1 summer break. It has co-incided with his announcement to move to Alfa Romeo in 2022, leaving the German manufacturer for the Swiss outfit.

While Bottas reckons he always had the confidence, but to break the win jinx in Turkey added to the good fortune and performance he’s having. “I’ve had the confidence always really, but it’s nice to have a win and the reminder that you can win races,” he said.

“It’s been a while, like I said. But, to be honest, after Monza I’ve been feeling very relaxed in any case and been able to just focus only on driving and for sure that helps.” The good run is coming at the right time when Mercedes is gunning for both the titles.

His help will be huge difference against Red Bull and Max Verstappen, considering how close the battle is. While that is on, the 2022 work behind the scenes continues on. With Bottas leaving Mercedes, it makes the situation a bit awkward regarding the details.

It is natural for Mercedes to not wanting to share things about 2022, but as per Bottas, nothing has changed since the Alfa Romeo announcement, where he is to drive a Ferrari-powered car. “I think the team has been good, nothing has really changed, everything as normal and the team has a good spirit overall,” he said.

“We’re really motivated for the rest of the year and working hard as always. I only saw them from the podium and when I got out of the car it was good, obviously. I’m in every meeting that I’ve been in before, in these five years. If there’s other meetings, I don’t know about those, so for me, everything is normal,” summed up Bottas.

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