Tom Blomqvist won the first race of the season of the FIA Formula3, disputed in the home of motorsport, Silverstone. The british has been followed by Esteban Ocon and another british, Jordan King, who made a very fast start, overtaking 3 drivers in the first lap and ensuring the podium.

By: Manel Ferriol

Blomqvist has made a meteoric start, taking 1.5 seconds ahead Ocon in the first lap. After that the british just had to keep the distance with the french. Even with the safety car caused by the crash of Beretta, Blomqvist managed to keep the distance with Ocon. At the end of the race, Ocon has resigned to fight for the first place, and Blomqvist came under the checkered flag 2 seconds of advantage.

Esteban Ocon made a solid race, without taking any risk, thinking about the second and third race, wich He has the poleposition.

Jordan King completed the podium with a fast start and a smart end of the race.

Rosenqvist who came second in the 2013 champioship couldn’t managed to do a good race and finished 9th.

Mercedes dominated the top10 despite the win of Blomqvist, whose engine is a Volkswagen. Mercedes placed 7 cars in the top10 and Volkswagen placed 3.

3 drivers can’t finish the race: Verstappen, Toril and Beretta.