Mattia Binotto says looking at the first half of the 2022 F1 season, Ferrari doesn’t needs to change its way in the second half.

Its been an up and down situation with Ferrari in the first of the 2022 F1 season, where it had upperhand on Red Bull initially but in the last few races has totally changed the game in favour of the latter due to the reliability issues they faced.

Not just these but as a team they made mistakes too which didn’t help Charles Leclerc and or Carlos Sainz. But despite these, Binotto reckons Ferrari doesn’t need to change anything on their side as it only lacks confidence at the moment due to some mishaps.

Looking at the first half, he feels there is no reason to change anything. “There’s nothing to change, I think it’s always a matter of confidence, learning, building, building experience, building skills,” said Binotto. “But if I look again at the balance of the first half of the season there is no reason why we should change.

“I think we simply need to understand Hungary and address that and try to be competitive, as we have been in 12 races so far. There is no reason why we will not be competitive at the next,” summed up Binotto, who also stated that all is fine with Leclerc.

“I think he is building for the team and himself and he looks at every race as a single opportunity to win,” said Binotto. “We are winning and losing all together, [Hungary] has not been a great one, the last race was not a great one, but I think there has been a lot of potential. I think we need to focus first on the reason for the lack of speed in Hungary, address it and come back even stronger.”

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