Mario Andretti expands on the bid from Michael to enter F1 in 2024 after making an application with the FIA earlier this week.

From America, there has been another story surrounding Michael Andretti and F1 but this one is different to last year. Last year, Michael held discussions with Longbow Finance, the parent company of Sauber, who then owned the Alfa Romeo Grand Prix team. However, after in-depth discussions, the deal fell through late on

On Friday evening, Mario advised that eldest son Michael would be “ready to go the next day”, should his application to join the F1 grid be successful with the team on the grid in 2024. Name Andretti Global, they would be based in England with the cars themselves to be built in a yet to be constructed facility in Indianapolis.

Following the note from Mario’s, Andretti Autosport confirmed the application but no further information was divulged. Andretti Sr did advise that an engine deal had already been finalised and also spoke some more about his sons plans.

“Michael has been working on this for quite a long time, but he’s taken a different direction since there’s no teams available to buy,” said Mario in an interview with IndyStar. “They’re far enough along that, if they get the approval to be added to the 10 teams that exist in F1, they’re ready to go the next day and put everything in place. This didn’t just happen.

“They’ve been working hard to secure personnel. Some individuals are standing by that have been part of start-ups (in the past), and the (Indianapolis) building would be separate (from the IndyCar headquarters), but everything would ultimately all be under one big roof – together, but separate,” summed up Mario.

So, thus far, all in all, Andretti Global seem to be well on their way to the grid in 2024. Under F1’s most recent Concorde Agreement signed by the 10 current teams midway through the COVID-19 that affected 2020 season, new entrants must pay $200 million. That fees made it difficult for new teams to arrange and put into.

“They’re all set,” continued Mario. “They checked all those boxes, all of those things that are part of it. They’re going in with their eyes wide-open with all the prerequisites. I don’t know how confident you can feel, but you just hope that the best intentions are forward. From Michael’s standpoint, there’s a huge commitment.

“It’s serious and absolutely in good faith, but all that is in the hands of the FIA and the Formula 1 teams to accept it. This isn’t just on a whim or a bucket list thing. This is for real. Michael, once he sets his sights on something, he’s relentless. He’s aligned himself with the right people to support it, and he’s doing it right.”

Reading the above, it is very obvious to the naked eye that this is a serious effort on behalf of the Andretti and this time around they want it to happen. So much has been planned that it can only be a positive for the sport and they themselves.

One of the happening drivers in IndyCar, Colton Herta is hotly tipped to be driving for the team. It makes sense as he is already part of their IndyCar effort however, he needs a very good 2022 and perhaps 2023 also as he is not eligible just yet to apply for the FIA Super Licence that is an F1 requirement.

“100%, I want Colton there so badly,” said Mario. “He deserves to be there. To me, he’s such an exceptional talent, and he needs to be able to show that in F1. And not only do I think he’s really talented, but he really wants it himself and to be assured he’s treated fairly, and you know he would get that with this team.

“And maybe if he doesn’t get the results he’s looking for, maybe he can get an offer somewhere else, but at least he would get a fair shake with Michael. You’ve got two races, and potentially three, in the U.S., and I don’t think it would hurt F1 to have another American team (alongside Haas). And it would definitely have at least one American driver. That, you can count on. If not, I’ll cut Michael’s allowance off.”

Now, the Andretti family are just waiting to see what will happen. The FIA have not given Michael a definite timeline for their decision but according to Mario, everything has been done on the Andretti side of things. “All I know is they say they’re working on it,” he said. “That’s all they’re telling him it seems, Everything they’ve asked for, he can do, so he’s ready to listen. The ball’s in their court at the moment.

“For me, I’m over the moon at this possibility. There’s no secret how much F1 and motor racing has meant to our family. We’d be active everywhere. You’ve got to be ambitious, and Michael hasn’t held back very much, as you can see. This is Michael’s business, period, and it’s going to be that way until the end of his professional life.

“We live and breathe motorsports. That’s what we do,” summed up Mario who indicated that they already have an engine deal in place should the FIA agree their application. It’s a full 30 years in 2023 since the name Andretti was on a starting grid in F1 and 45 since Mario won the title on that fateful day at Monza. If Andretti Global are on the grid in 2024, they will be a welcome but also quite likely a competitive addition.

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