Bruno Famin is happy with the progress that Alpine is making since the big changes that they made and he is taking things one at a time.

After the wholesale changes that Alpine made back in July just ahead of the summer break, they are slowly getting back in the game even though they have had difficult races due to different issues. Interim chief Famin is happy with the progress in terms of mindset.

It was certainly a big jolt to the team and so everyone had to stick together to execute the races well. Famin is still in the assessment mode of getting things on track which includes finding a new team principal for Alpine and also key technical personnel.

There doesn’t seem to be a hurry but behind the scenes, they are in the lookout. “We made some quite good, quite big changes at the end of July within the team,” said Famin. “This created a new mindset on the track-side team. I’m quite happy with what I’ve seen so far. I think we made some quite good races in terms of strategy execution since that.

“I’m still assessing the factories, both, with the goal to really see how to extract more performance and I think one of the key things is trying to get all the people working together: both sites but also within each of the sites to extract all the potential we have, we have a lot of potential, but the difficulty is to put everybody together, everything together, to create more performance, this is what I’m assessing now.

“I have no delay because I don’t want to be under pressure. For the time being I’m assessing everything, I think the changes I’ve seen so far are quite good on the track-side, as I said. I’m very happy with the drivers, the job they are doing, the spirit they have.

“Of course, the main point will be now to really see how we can get the same kind of spirit in the factories and that’s really the point I’m focusing on. I’m not thinking about having… it’s not a question of people it’s a question of… it’s not a question of person, it’s a question of having all the people together,” summed up the Alpine chief.

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