Alpine Racing Ltd backers Otra Capital has listed some big sporting names who are in-line to invest in the F1 team.

Back in June, the Renault Group announced strategic alliance with Otro Capital who were to invest €200 million into Alpine Racing Ltd. The company roped in RedBird Capital Partners and Maximum Effort Investments to invest as a team and take up 24% of equity.

The list expanded with the Huntsman Family and Main Street Advisors who were named by Otro Capital on Tuesday. There were already big names in the investment list via Maximum Effort Investments who have Ryan Reynolds, Michael B Jordan and Rob McElhenney.

Joining these three, on Tuesday, Otro Capital listed more big sporting names as investors. Here’s the listed names –

  • Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback, two-time NFL MVP and two-time Super Bowl MVP.
  • Travis Kelce, Kansas City Chiefs tight-end, eight-time consecutive NFL Pro-Bowl and two-time Super Bowl champion.
  • Rory McIlroy, four-time golf major championship winner and currently ranked #2 in the world. Rory invested through Symphony Ventures Capital, a partnership that supports innovative companies in healthcare, technology, and sports.
  • Anthony Joshua, Olympic boxing gold medalist and two-time former unified world heavyweight champion.
  • Trent Alexander-Arnold, England international soccer player, Champion’s League Champion, and Premier League Champion with Liverpool F.C. (UK).
  • Juan Mata, professional football player, World and Euro Cup winner with the Spanish National team. Ex-Manchester United and Chelsea legend. Co-Founder of the organization, Common Goal.
  • Roger Ehrenberg, founder of Eberg Capital, investor in the Miami Marlins and Real Salt Lake.

Speaking on their investment, they said –

Alec Scheiner, Otro Capital: “We are honored at Otro Capital to be joined by this particular group of investors into our Alpine F1 investment in partnership with RedBird Capital Partners and Maximum Effort Investments. These are best in class investors, athletes, entertainers and entrepreneurs and they are all committed to elevating the Alpine F1 team.”

Patrick Mahomes: “I’ve always had a passion for all sports. The opportunity to lead an investor group with Travis in Alpine F1 alongside Otro Capital was one I couldn’t pass up. It’s an exciting time for the sport and this is an opportunity to bring our shared values to the world stage. I’m looking forward to being a part of its growth.”

Travis Kelce: “I am thrilled to lead an investor group and join forces with Patrick and the team at Otro Capital on this exciting venture with Alpine F1. Our shared passion for excellence and innovation forms the cornerstone of this partnership. It’s about being able to contribute to a sport that demands precision, teamwork, and relentless pursuit of success. I am looking forward to this new chapter and can’t wait to see what we achieve together.”

Rory McIlroy: “Passion for excellence on the golf course has led me to admire the same pursuit in Formula 1. Partnering with Otro Capital in Alpine F1 is an exhilarating venture that unites my love for sports, competition, and the relentless drive to be the best.”

Anthony Joshua: “The chance to strategically invest with Otro Capital in Alpine was an opportunity I couldn’t ignore. The heritage of the team, mixed with the global growth of Formula 1 as a sport and brand made this a very serious proposition. I am excited to start this journey with Otro and a great group of fellow investors and hope to help the team achieve its full potential.”

Trent Alexander-Arnold: “I’m excited to be joining Otro Capital’s group as an investor into Alpine F1 along with my brother Tyler. Having been to Formula 1 races as a fan, I love the high-pressure environment of the paddock and I’ve seen firsthand how incredibly impressive the Alpine team is. Our shared goal as an investment group is to help contribute to its continued success on the grid, at a time when F1 is facing incredible growth as a sport. As a footballer, I understand the importance of teamwork, innovation and determination in achieving goals.”

Juan Mata: “Joining Forces with Otro Capital in this investment in Alpine F1 is a unique opportunity for me. I am a big believer in the growth of the sport and confident that Alpine is the right team to partner with. Their history as a team combined with the commercial and industry expertise of Otro Capital make the perfect combination for success.”

Roger Ehrenberg, Eberg Capital: “Eberg Capital couldn’t be more excited to be working with Otro on such an exciting project. Having spent more than two years evaluating options for getting on the grid, the Alpine Racing team in conjunction with Otro’s strategic investor group represents a compelling opportunity. Eberg sees this partnership as the vehicle for best leveraging its strengths for the benefit of Alpine Racing and the broader F1 ecosystem.”

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