The two times world-champion, Johann Zarco has reported to before the practice sessions how is it possible to have that such a strong rookie season in MotoGP. The Frenchman explains that at the end is all about pushing yourself every time and enjoy the moment. In the interviewed Zarco almost hand over this ambition to us.

What do you think of the new track layout?

Last year I could race on it, it changed a little bit, but I think it is almost the same. It’s quite slow, from corner 10 to corner 15. And this makes the circuit more difficult I think physically because now you have to stop the bike and turn the bike in a very slow corner, is more difficult for the body because you feel the weight of the bike. I can adapt well (to the new layout), I’m ready, I’m happy that after Mugello, it has been an interesting race, I have been tired at the end, I was very tired, but after two days rest, on Wednesday, I felt again the energy back, and that’s very important to manage well the weekend so, a good form and need to adapt, but confident that the Yamaha, with this new layout, last year they showed with Valentino and even Jorge managed it well, so I guess I’ll try to choose the tyres that Valentino used to won. The way he was riding, with the gearbox and the RPM, I can understand that the Yamaha adapted very quickly.

What is your orientation now, after 6 races in MotoGP?

I keep the same target which is to be the best rookie, currently I am leading this small championship and I am very happy for that, I keep focus on it and doing it well, I stay happy every weekend. In Mugello I was seventh, I was happy, that is important even after a podium I don’t think 7th is a bad position. I showed the potential of the bike and of myself since Qatar, that is it possible to fight for podiums with top guys in the top5, so I have clear in my mind that this is the place I like to be, and if I can do it, I do it, and this weekend I want to be on top again.

When you were younger you were reading the magazine about Olivier Jack or Randy de Puniet, and now you are in those magazines and young kids are reading about you, how does it feel?

It feels good. Is nice to be in this position. I just enjoy this moment of glory because it may be very short, I want to be that guy as long as possible, I understood since last year that if you push yourself all the time, the best things are coming. But if you think or try to control too much, nothing is coming. I just push and thinking simply is my way to go.

Do you feel that the gap between you and top5 riders is closing in?

This year the distance for one lap time is so close, that makes the beginning of the weekend complicated, because it’s difficult to be fast in the qualifying because one tenth can meant a lot of positions. But then in the race the gap is bigger, so you are compromising work for the race but also qualifying is important. I think with the experience I will manage this better, but I understood that main target is the race if you can be constant for many laps, you can ride with the top guys.

You won twice in Barcelona, what are the expectations now that you are in MotoGP?

Be on top. Be on top means that if we are in the podium it will be fantastic, if we do so during the season it will be fantastic as well, but if we achieve it this weekend I take it. If I am fighting with top guys and I finish 5th but close to the podium like in Texas, I will be very happy as well. But now I dream about the podium, and then in the race I accept what I can take.