Williams Racing will be using the expertise and feedback of Robert Kubica in as much capacity in their development of the 2020 F1 car.

After Kubica announced his exit from Williams at the end of 2019 F1 season, it was not hugely surprising but it left the team in a bother with regards to its car’s development. Claire Williams felt it isn’t a hindrance as they are on schedule with their work.

The team is already getting things ready for 2020, like with the use of the front wing in Japan. Williams will further utilise the time to take in as much from Kubica, which help in the development of the FW43 to be driven by George Russell.

“Robert has been instrumental in developing the car last year and this year as well,” said Claire to FormulaRapida.net/IndiaInF1.com. “We have all that data, and we have all the intel from him, and we plan to gather more over the coming races.”

She also stated that Kubica will be working behind the scenes as much to help the team develop the 2020 F1 car. “He will continue to work behind the scenes at the factory helping shape plans for the FW43 car which is our next year chassis with our engineers and whoever steps into that space will be expected to do the same,” she added.

When asked the same to Russell, as to if he feels the development will be hindered, he stated: “Regardless of the driver the team is working hard to prepare a faster car, so we are on course for a better car next year.”

Russell also accepted that the current F1 cars are mainly aero dependent and that it is out of his intelligence level, so he doesn’t give as much input regarding the aero package of the car but is involved mainly on the mechanical side like on how he would want the brakes to work, the feeling through the steering wheel, mechanical balance through the corner and ride of the car over the kerbs.

It has been a dismal season for Williams this year and one of the issues they had last year was a relatively younger line-up, which they could have again in 2020 with their reserve Nicholas Latifi speculated to partner Russell after his F2 campaign.

It is going to be a difficult choice for Williams to select their second driver as lack of experience can kill the team if the feedback isn’t at the level to push the car forward. Nico Hulkenberg is another name but chances look slim for the German.

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The story was written by Venkatesh P Koushik and edited by Darshan Chokhani – also the quotes were told to Darshan Chokhani as well