Williams will celebrate its 750th grand prix in the upcoming F1 Monaco GP and gives 100 fans a chance to feature on the halo of FW43B.

Williams will join their rivals, Ferrari and McLaren, to reach the 750th GP milestone in the upcoming F1 Monaco GP, having started out its journey in 1977 under the able leadership of co-founders Sir Frank Williams and Sir Patrick Head.

Even though both the dignitaries are no longer associated with the F1 outfit in the day-to-day running, after the buyout from Dorilton Capital, they very much remain in the roots of the team, especially with the people working at their base in Grove.

To celebrate this milestone, Williams has a special gift for the team’s fans and also the fans of the sport. They have started a competition, where fans can identify their race number by entering the year, they watched their first F1 grand prix.

The race number of 100 lucky fans will feature on the halo of the FW43B throughout the Monaco GP weekend, along with their name. Alongside this, Williams will have special merchandise on sale via Umbro and a poster via Automobilist.

The F1 Monaco GP will see each of the Williams member have ‘750 Grands Prix’ logo on their kit, along with the number of races they have entered in. “Williams has always been about people; those that work for the team, along with our fans from all across the world,” said Jost Capito.

“This milestone is about celebrating everyone that has been on this journey to 750 Grands Prix and will continue to be on this journey with us, as the team heads into a new era. We’re excited to share some of the incredible stories that have made the team what it is today and hear from supporters who have their own amazing tales of what Williams means to them.”

Here’s where you can enter in the competition: https://www.williamsf1.com/race-calculator?utm_campaign=2021-Williams750