Pascal Wehrlein reported today that he is no longer having pain on his injury but, he is not testing in order to avoid difficulties in the future.

The new driver of Sauber F1 Team, Pascal Wehrlein said that his pain is gone, but he is not testing because of doctors want to avoid difficulties in the future.

“I’m feeling OK, no pain, nothing, just something as a precaution, to avoid any more difficult injury than I have at the moment, so it’s just something to be safe for the future and that’s it.”

Anyway he believe he will be able to test next week:

“At the moment it’s still unclear as I will have a check again at the end of this week. I will see some doctors and then let’s see, I hope for sure that they will give me green light and they say, ‘Everything is fine and you can get back to racing’, but you never know.”

Despite that, the DTM 2015 champion continued his training as it was planned:

“Just in the first few days I had a bit of pain, I was sore everywhere which is normal after a crash, but at the moment I have no pain, I’m feeling fine, doing my training as normal, and I can’t wait to go back into the car.”