Mark Webber features in F1 Unscripted video where he talks about his first few podiums, moments with Sebastian Vettel, title in WEC and more.

The first episode of its kind in quite some time, the latest installment of the Heineken F1 Unscripted show saw Webber discuss what a weekend away from the Formula 1 circus looks like for him, and his long and winding path to driving competitively in the sport.

He told the story of his initial deal with Minardi, and how Paul Stoddart helped him to find his way to the grid, before he regaled the host David Coulthard with the tale of the 2002 Australian GP from his perspective.

Having discussed his first race finish on the podium, he talked about the Williams Top 3 finish in Monaco in 2003. Webber admitted to being a bit pissed after teammate Nick Heidfeld got a jump on him via undercut to be second.

Together the two relived an unpleasant moment from back when they were teammates, and Webber forgave his former partner for his misconduct in the Chinese GP. After this, they swiftly changed the topic of conversation to that of Webber’s crash with Vettel at the Japanese GP in 2007.

On another of his crashes, this one far more dramatic in nature, Webber discussed his airborne crash with Kovalainen at Valencia in 2010, and what went through his head as he shot up into the sky.

The talk of crashes continued as the next to be covered was the controversial Turkey 2010 incident, that saw yet more contact between Red Bull drivers, and only underlined the tensions within the team at the time, which boiled over in the Multi 21 incident in Malaysia where Vettel eventually defied the team call to race and pass Webber.

The Australian analysed the current performances of his former teammate, and hypothesized that the 2010-2013 generation of narrow-wing, skinny-tyre era of cars suited Vettel incredibly well, and contributed to his success.

In a similar vein, Webber spoke on his various successes, and if he wishes he had won a F1 title in 2010, despite that he’s already achieved more than some world championship winners of the sport’s storied past which includes the WEC title. He also spoke about the Brazil moment of taking his helmet off.

Here’s the full interview in video form:

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