Daniel Ricciardo visits the Jimmy Kimmel show ahead of next weekend’s F1 Las Vegas GP to promote the grand prix.

With less than a week remaining for F1 Las Vegas GP, AlphaTauri’s Ricciardo paid a visit to the Jimmy Kimmel show on Thursday night to not only promote the grand prix but the sport as a whole. This was his first visit to his show who host Lewis Hamilton earlier.

But this was not the first time for Ricciardo to feature on a late night American talk show. He has previously been to The Daily Show (hosted by Trevor Noah) twice and also The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to talk about F1 and Netflix’s Drive to Survive series.

On the show with Kimmel, Ricciardo discussed about the upcoming Las Vegas GP, while also his and F1’s growing popularity in the United States of America. They also undertook a bit of ball exercise that the F1 driver undergo to enhance swift reactions.

Here’s the full show –


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