Alfa Romeo Racing’s Kimi Raikkonen now starts karting in Finland with his son Robin and racer Toni Vilander amid break from F1 due to COVID-19 pandemic.

After AlphaTauri’s Pierre Gasly and Haas’ Kevin Magnussen, it is the turn of Alfa Romeo’s Raikkonen to start karting at Vantaa circuit in Finland with his son Robin and Vilander with his son Luukas, where they used the CRG karts under Racing Service Jaatinen.

Gasly karted in Dubai, while Magnussen had his father Jan and trainer in Denmark. For Raikkonen, he has been training at small off-road track in his bike and buggy, but this is the first time for him to drive a single-seater machine since the Barcelona F1 tests.

Even though Raikkonen hasn’t taken to ESports racing like his teammate Antonio Giovinazzi, the Finn has been prominent on social media, whether through his account or his wife’s. The Finn has got a quality family time with 2020 yet to resume.

With COVID-19 pandemic restrictions slowly easing in Europe, this could be common for racing drivers to go karting at the very least. They would be happy to get track time in a single-seater but kart seems a better bet for the F1 drivers which is readily available.

Additionally, with no chance of any practice before going straight into the first weekend of 2020 F1 season – possibly in July in Austria – karting will be the only form of test the drivers can get to shake off the slight rustiness they will have.

Here’s couple of photos of Kimi Raikkonen with Robin:

Here’s a video of Kimi Raikkonen karting with his son:

Here’s the last time Kimi Raikkonen and Robin went karting

Here’s Kevin Magnussen speaking on karting and here’s Pierre Gasly

Here’s Alfa Romeo joining in the COVID-19 pandemic initiative