Lewis Hamilton is the latest to join the Icon series from Fortnite where he is also bringing his dog Roscoe along in the set.

Full details about the skins availability for the fans to buy will be revealed on November 17 at 19:00 ET, as Mercedes F1 driver Hamilton is the latest Icon named to join Fortnite online game. They released a teaser video along with a Youtube shorts to reveal his joining.

Hamilton follows the likes of Naomi Osaka, Chloe Kim, LeBron James, Neymar Jr., Ariana Grande, Bruno Mars, and Marshmello, to be featured on Fortnite Icon series. The Brit won’t be alone in the game as he is bringing his dog Roscoe along.

The main teaser did not feature Roscoe in action apart from featuring him on a still image. Hamilton, meanwhile, was shown in a mirror room before smashing onto his game skin. Roscoe, though, was shown to be in action on a Youtube shorts video where he was on the front of a surfboard-like glider with the Brit riding it in his Fortnite game skin.

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