AlphaTauri’s Pierre Gasly undertook a fan Q&A session on Youtube to answer about F1, his career, food habits, training, life and more.

Much like teammate Daniil Kvyat who preceded him, Gasly did a fan Q&A for AlphaTauri from Dubai – where he is based currently. The Frenchman, who has intermittently raced for the Italian F1 team since late 2017, answered a wide variety of questions.

The questions flooded in, and the first to be selected was to ask about the 2019 Brazilian GP podium after his demotion to AlphaTauri, and how it felt. Gasly joked that he felt better then than he does now, before he detailed the emotion more closely.

With question one behind him, he answered a fresh one related to karting, where he stated that he started at the age of six-years as he was surrounded by his brothers, who were karting as well albeit only he made it to motor racing as a professional eventually.

The third question – while somewhat hard to understand – was related to whether or not AlphaTauri and other teams use simulators to train, and get a better feel for the car or tracks. He elaborated on the process and also stated about the lack of sim for current lag.

The next sequence of questions were more personal, inquiring about his favorite food, where he would be if not in F, if he still had the desire to buy a Panda to room with, and his idea of the ‘perfect race’ – with track conditions, weather, etc.

Moving on from these, Gasly was asked his opinion of the AlphaTauri livery. As expected, he said that he does, but he also admitted that he has an obvious bias, being a driver for the team. He wished for red but that didn’t happen apart from the Honda logo.

Post this, the Frenchman told an interesting story related to his car number 10. He explained why he chose the number, and why it’s so meaningful to him and his life as a whole. On a more lighthearted note, he answered a question on FIFA.

Gasly then answered about his desire to race in the 24 hours of Le Mans and continuing with racing-related hypotheticals, he talked about whether or not driving a F1 car at the Nordschleife would be enjoyable. He labelled the idea ‘cool’, but noted that the cars need changing for something like that to be possible.

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The story was edited by Darshan Chokhani