Sebastian Vettel was pleased with a Top 6 result in F1 Azerbaijan GP amid small progress despite his off moment against Esteban Ocon.

For Vettel, it was a podium finish last year while this year perhaps not but still his and Aston Martin’s best result so far in 2022 and that despite a brief spin off too when challenging for fifth. It was a good qualifying result in the top 10 and he consistent enough in the grand prix too.

He had that brief moment against Alpine’s Ocon when he went off and rejoined outside the Top 10, but Aston Martin played the strategy well and the pace was consistent enough to hand him a sixth place finish. “I think overall sixth is really good, we are really happy with the result,” said Vettel.

“We had an amazing pit stop where we beat Mercedes with Lewis. After that I think I was already past Esteban but then a bit late because I was sure he was going to battle for it but I wasn’t quite sure so I took the emergency lane and lost a lot of time. Without that time I think we could have had a battle for P5 on our hands but nevertheless it’s a good result,” summed up Vettel.

For Aston Martin, let the truth be known, it really has been a season which with respect, has not lived up to the expectations which they harboured ambitions for as a team or the Formula One fraternity in general and Vettel knows the position they are in which is why results like these helps boost the morale of the whole outfit.

“We have been chasing the limits of this car now and a little bit more but now it seems to be paying off but we also need to be realistic,” said Vettel. “I think this weekend, we were stronger than Alfa Romeo matching probably the Alpines and matching the…AlphaTauri’s so yeah it puts us in a different ball park”.

“So, I think overall as you said very pleased and also for everyone back at Silverstone, back at base I think it is a great result,” summed up Vettel. His teammate Lance Stroll did not have the best of outings as he was forced to retire due to vibrations.

Looking at the overall picture, one good result does not make a massive difference but it can go a long way to improving morale right across the board for them. For Vettel, his contract for 2023 is not set. However, the result earned may go a long way to improving the team’s fortunes and assisting Vettel in the decision making process for next year.

Here’s the moment of Sebastian Vettel going off: