Sebastian Vettel will be open to one-off grand prix return in F1 in future after 2022 especially on a track like Suzuka.

With his decision to retire from F1 at the end of the 2022 season, Aston Martin’s Vettel indicated for the first time about his desire to undertake at least a one-off outing in future if given the chance when asked about racing in Suzuka, maybe in Super GT/Super Formula.

And he was affirmative about racing at Suzuka, more in a one-off chance whether it is Super GT, Super Formula and or even F1. But that is for that time to see as nothing is planned for the moment. He is open to the idea in all seriousness.

“I guess they’re racing in Suzuka as well, so I don’t know,” said Vettel. “Never say never. I mean, it is a great track for many, many reasons. And yeah, who knows what the future brings? I don’t know. Obviously I love driving and I think around this track I always felt very alive and the passion feels very alive.

“So yeah, we will see what type of car maybe in the future will come up. Maybe one of the guys, in the future, who races here will feel a bit sick, I don’t know. I don’t wish them to feel so, but I wouldn’t mind jumping back in for a race in Suzuka at any time. But yeah, obviously. We’ll see what the future brings. At the moment, I have no plans.

“But I think there are some exciting races happening in Japan and I don’t know, we’ll see. If anybody’s happy to sign up a driver for a single race. I’m sure those guys wouldn’t be happy to step aside but it would be something I would seriously consider,” summed up Vettel.

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