Sebastian Vettel escaped a puncture after a touch from Antonio Giovinazzi at the start of F1 Portuguese GP, a moment not shown on world feed.

While looking at the onboard of Alfa Romeo Racing’s Kimi Raikkonen’s, the touch between Ferrari’s Vettel and Alfa Romeo’s Giovinazzi came to light at the start of F1 Portuguese GP at Algarve, when the two turned in the right-hander at Turn 3.

Raikkonen was behind the duo as Vettel led Giovinazzi into the corner. The moment he turned in, there was a slight touch from the Italian’s front-left flap with the tow end of the right-rear tyre of the German, which sent him into a minor skiddy moment.

Vettel was able to collect his car and carry on, while there was no apparent trouble for Giovinazzi as well. The onboard from the Italian was uploaded as well, which caught the moment – but strangely neither spoke about it after the grand prix.

It wasn’t shown on the world feed as well, partly because, neither suffered much but it looks like Vettel escaped a potential puncture. Overall, the German looked slightly better in the grand prix as he managed to eke out a point result in the end.

“I can’t be satisfied with any race where I only manage to take a single point,” said Vettel “Unfortunately I didn’t make a good getaway, so instead of gaining places I lost one – and for us this season it is not so easy to overtake. When I had an empty track ahead of me the pace was quite good and this is what I will take away as the positive from here. With better qualifying we could have ended up with a more satisfying result.”

At the same time, Giovinazzi did not get going as teammate Raikkonen managed to, as the Italian ended up only 15th, but post-race he revealed that he had no radio in the grand prix. “It felt like a very long race, made even harder by not having a working radio after lap one. I had no communication with the team and in the end it was just a matter of making it to the flag, which we did. The wind didn’t make things easy, the gusts made the car inconsistent from corner to corner and it was difficult to get into a rhythm.”

Here’s onboard from Antonio Giovinazzi:

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