Max Verstappen talks about having more security in F1 Mexico GP, but plays down any big issues with crowd and Sergio Perez as well.

Ahead of the F1 Mexico GP weekend, Helmut Marko talked about hiring extra security for Red Bull’s Verstappen. It was just done to not disrupt any potential dangers for the Dutchman who could have faced troubles from the local fans.

Red Bull didn’t want any potential problems and wanted to keep the flow of his weekend at a smooth level. Verstappen was fine to have two extra people around him and noted about having no troubles in the marketing events prior to Thursday.

“I mean, why not,” said Verstappen when asked about extra security. “I mean I have, of course, a bit more security here, but there are always a few countries around the world where it is very busy in the paddock. For example, last year here, it was really, really busy to get from your hospitality to the garage and it just helps to make things smoother on-track, off-track, from your hotel and stuff like that.

“We will do it whenever we think it’s helping with the general flow of the weekend. I feel very safe, on [Wednesday], I had a full day of marketing and honestly, it’s been a great reception here like I have always had, so it is good to be back,” summed up Verstappen, who felt the ‘Racepect’ campaign from Mexico GP organisers is a good measure.

He feels it is more in general scenario and is a good awareness tool. But he played down any troubles or rivalry between him and Sergio Perez as has been played about in the lead-up to the weekend in Mexican press. He feels the Racepect is more towards the fans.

He brought about the boos from F1 US GP which didn’t gel well as he felt, even if you don’t like someone, there should be respect at the very least. “That’s made up, Checo and I, we get on really well,” said Verstappen. “For us, I don’t think there is any rivalry. Of course, as a driver on track you always try to be first or be faster, but I think we have a lot of respect for each other, and we appreciate each other’s performances.

“I think it’s a good thing that it maybe starts here now, but it’s not only here. I think in general, the behaviour of the crowd in some places, I think can be a bit better.  For example, in Austin, maybe it was a bit towards me, but in general. I think the behaviour of supporting your favourite driver is fine. But then you also have to respect the competition.

“But this is not only in our sport. It is a general problem in a lot of sports that needs to be looked at and needs to be improved. Luckily, I don’t spend a lot of time on social media, because it’s quite a toxic place. People who don’t need to show their face or whatever, they can say whatever they want. And again, this is not only in our sport.

“In a lot of different sports it’s the same problem So I think it needs to be much better regulated, what can be said and done and written to people in general,” summed up Verstappen, as Perez also feels that there is no rivalry with the Dutchman as such.

“I think obviously, we are all rivals but at the same time we are all sports athletes, and we all want to do the best for ourselves,” said Perez. “Max and myself, we are in the same team so we both want to win and we are all giving our best so I don’t think that there should be any rivalry.

“For example, if I’m fighting in the race with Fernando, he’s not my rival out of the track, it’s just that we are just fighting on track. But like I say, the media likes to create this rivalry out of the track which I don’t think is right and it’s important for the fans to understand that.

And I think it’s important that we give this message, because I think media likes to create this sort of rivalry outside the track and I think we are a great sport. We are a great example for a lot of young generations and we should just be focused on the sport side. And whatever happens on track should always stay there and that’s the best message we, as a country, want to give to the rest of the world. And yeah, there is nothing else going on. The most important thing is that everything stays on track.”

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