Max Verstappen says he tried things in Baku which has helped him in the races after in the current success winning nine F1 races on the bounce.

Baku was the last race where Red Bull’s Verstappen did not win and the last race that teammate Sergio Perez did. Since then he has won nine races to equal the record set by Sebastian Vettel, but it didn’t come without learning.

Post his Dutch GP win, Verstappen revealed about trying different things with the car in Baku which ultimately helped him find a sweet spot. He then he used that ‘thing’ in other races which brought success to him even when things were stacked against him.

“I think I learned a lot from the race in Baku, how to do some things with the car, how to set it up,” said Verstappen. “Of course, I didn’t win that race in Baku but actually I really tried a lot of stuff and different tools in the car. That’s why throughout the race it was a little bit inconsistent, but at one point, I got into a good rhythm with what I found.

“But then I damaged my tyres a bit too much. But it was like ‘OK, that’s quite interesting for the next races’. And I basically implemented that and it has helped me on every track,” summed up Verstappen, who says even though he has the best car at his disposal, it is not always easy to win races consecutively.

To win races, he has to dig deep because one wrong call will end his chances. “I mean, even if you have the best – and I think there have been more dominant cars in the past than what we have at the moment and they haven’t been able to do so, to win nine in a row, whatever, the consecutive wins we have as a team,” said Verstappen.

“So yeah, it is hard and especially like today, it’s easy to make a wrong call or even drop it yourself in the gravel or whatever. So, yeah, it’s never that straightforward unfortunately. And Dutch GP was probably one of the more difficult races to win again. But yeah, nine in a row was something I never even thought about. So yeah, very happy with that. But I think I’m in general very happy to win here in front of my own crowd,” summed up Verstappen.

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