Max Verstappen, George Russell talk about the drizzle towards the end of F1 Hungarian GP and how they handled it or changed their style to not fall away.

Rain was expected in F1 Hungarian GP but eventually it only drizzled in the end which did slow down the field a bit but not enough to hamper in overall terms. It sure made things exciting where drivers had to be cautious especially in Sector 2.

For Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton, it was fine, but for Red Bull’s Max Verstappen and Mercedes’ George Russell they did have subtle challenges but it was exciting on their part. For a race leader, he is the first to reach to the drizzle spot where he had to choose the lines.

“Once you’re in the lead, then you have these things and you don’t have anyone in front then you hear these weather reports which is not great,” said Verstappen. “Like I explained before, tyre temperatures are dropping and then of course, you have some guys behind you on a fresher set, softer set as well. So then it’s not amazing, but my gap luckily was big enough of course to manage.”

At the same time, Russell added: “I think the drizzle made it exciting and there were certain points in the race it probably made the tyres and cars go faster because the tyres may have been overheating slightly and the drizzle helped. But definitely, in that last stint when the Medium tyre was towards the end of its life and the rain was coming, it felt pretty, pretty frustrating. But on the flip side for me in those first four laps when I was on the soft, I think it definitely benefited me. It’s just I wish it could have stayed for longer, less at the end and more at the beginning and I think it would have transformed the race.”

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