Richard Verschoor won the first race of the season in SMP F4 NEZ championship at Sochi. The Dutch started from pole position but he hasn’t a peaceful way to win the race, he had to battle with Opmeer who finished second. Rasmus Markkanen completes the podium

The first race of the season for SMP F4 NEZ field was expected as a good one and it really was. Dutch driver dominated yesterday the qualifying with Richard Verschoor starting from pole position and taking his first two points of the season.

He lost the lead of the race at the start, with Jarno Opmeer taking the advantage in front of his compatriot. It was an eventful start, where 5 drivers had to retire and the safety car had to join the race. Petrov and Zotov crashed together but managed to rejoin the race. Kernel has to retire as Rasmus Markkanen, Haapalinen, Tujula, Slutskii and Alexey Korneev had to do the same.

Before the safety car came into the pits, Opmeer led the way in front of Verschoor, Sitnikov, Kroes and Kauppi. The biggest winner with all that action was Lloveras who went from 15th to 7th.

And when the green flag returned, Vartanyan was on his hammer time. He was running eight, and quickly overtook Lloveras, then he did the same on Kauppi and Kroes.

Meanwhile, pole sitter Verschoor overtook Opmeer for the lead. Rasmus Markkanen after a great comeback from sixth to fourth, overtook the sophomore driver, Sitnikov for the podium position. But the Russian made a move on the Finn driver to retake the podium.

Race was coming to the end, with a great fight for the last spot of the podium between Sitnikov, Markkanen and Vartanyan. Sitnikov made a mistake with two laps remaining who make him drop to fifth.

Verschoor took his maiden win in the series in front of Opmeer and Markkanen.

Next race, Race 2 at Sochi will be held tomorrow at 11:30 (CET Time)