The first day of the 2016 SMP F4 NEZ Round 3 started today with a very cloudy weather, leaving open the question of the tires to be used on today’s Free Practice.

As the FP1 started, the eighteen drivers of the weekend launched their machines on slick tires and headed for the fourty minutes session.

The gap was amazingly small as all the drivers were racing into the same second, showing how equal the cars are in the single operation championship. The first practice was topped by Tuomas Tujula, as Round 2 winner lapped the Dutch track in 1.40.726, followed by Richard Verschoor (1.40.730) by only the gap of .004 of a second. Third fastest was Jarno Opmeer, leader of the championship with a time of 1.40.944.

The second practice started with Vladimir Tziortzis leading the way through until a red flag came out as Nikita Volegov went off track. As the action resumed, it was Red Bull Junior Driver Richard Verschoor who topped the classification, followed by Jarno Opmeer, Ruomas Tujula, Xavi Lloveras and Alex Vartanyan.


”We learned alot form our mistakes two weeks ago. I hope I will manage to have the same results in qualification and not making any mistakes during the race”


”The practices were better than during the previous race weekend. On the last round, I had problems with my pace, but now we have found it for this weekend. Of course I hope I can get to the podium like we did in Sochi”

The race weekend will go on tomorrow with the first quali at 10:00.

Result of the 1st practice

1. Tuomas Tujala 1.40.726
2. Richard Verschoor 1.40.730
3. Jarno Opemeer 1.40..944
4. Alexander Vartanyan 1.41.026
5. Rasmus Markkanen 1.41.071
6. Roope Markkanen 1.41.081
7. Zakhar Slutskii 1.41.154
8. Xavier Lloveras 1.41.232
9. Artem Slutskii 1.41.276
10. Aleksander Maslennikov 1.41.423
11. Juho Valtanen 1.41.515
12. Danny Kroes 1.41.518
13. Artem Petrov 1.41.530
14. Nikita Volegov 1.41.683
15. Gleb Zotov 1.41.794
16. Tuomas Haapalainen 1.41.836
17. Vladimir Tziortzis 1.41.927
18. Roman Levedev 1.42.516

Result of the 2nd practice:

1. Richard Verschoor 1.39.462
2. Jarno Opmeer 1.39.51
3. Tuomas Tujala 1.39.653
4. Xavier Lloveras 1.39.738
5. Alexander Vartanyan 1.39.935
6. Roope Markkanen 1.39.943
7. Juho Valtanen 1.39.970
8. Rasmus Markkanen 1.39.990
9. Danny Kroes 1.40.072
10. Artem Petrov 1.40.211
11. Vladimir Tziortzis 1.40.270
12. Artem Slutskii 1.40.625
13. Gleb Zotov 1.40.777
14. Zakhar Slutskii 1.41.068
15. Tuomas Haapalainen 1.41.074
16. Roman Levedev 1.41.284
17. Aleksander Maslennikov 1.41.562
18. Nikita Volegov 1.41.617