Richard Verschoor continues unstoppable and set the pole position for Race 1 at Moscow Raceway in SMP Formula 4 NEZ. Nikita Sitnikov and Aleksey Kornev completes the top 3.

Verschoor continues leading all the sessions this weekend at Moscow. The Dutch driver set another pole position thanks to his lap time of 1:35.586, 2 tenths faster than Nikita Sitnikov – second, and Aleksey Korneev –third.

Despite Verschoor dominance, the top 16 finished between 8 tenth of gap, which shows the high level that this series has got.

Tuomas Tujula and Alexander Vartanyan completes the top 5 ahead of Jarno Opmeer, Tuomas Haapalainen and Gleb Zotov.

Results QP1:

1 Verschoor 2 Sitnikov

3 Korneev 4 Tujula

5 Vartanyan 6 Opmeer

7 Haapalainen 8 Zotov

9 Volegov 10 Roope Markkanen

11 Rasmus Markkanen 12 Lloveras

13 Maslennikov 14 Tziortzis

15 Valtanen 16 Matveev

17 Lebedev 18 Petrov