There’s been a complete change on the line-up of the team MP Motorsport for Monza. Meindert Van Buuren and René Binder will be the new drivers for the team replacing Oliver Rowland, in Silverstone with the Formula Renault, and Daniel De Jong, injured in the previous race.

More changes on the GP2 grid for Monza. After announcing that Jann Mardenborough (Carlin) and Patric Niederhauser (Lazarus) will make their debut in the series and that Cecotto and Trummer will come back with Trident and Hilmer respectively, today MP Motorsport added two new names to the list.

Meindert Van Buuren, former Lotus driver in the World Series by Renault, and René Binder, former Trident driver in GP2, will take the wheel of the MP Motorsports cars. Both their drivers are unable to participate this weekend. Daniel De Jong is still recovering from his big accident in Spa, while Oliver Rowland will be competing with the Formula Renault 3.5 in Silverstone, where he’s fighting for the championship.