Richard Verschoor confirms that he is racing in a series where he is the best. The Dutch driver took his 8th straight win in F4 Spain at Valencia Race 2. Lloveras and Volegov completes the podium.

At the start Richard Verschoor (MP Motorsport) kept the lead ahead of Xavier Lloveras (MP Motorsport) while Nikita Volegov (Drivex) stalled on the grid, while his team mate, Antolin Gonzalez went from seventh to fourth just behind Alexander Vartanyan (Drivex).

Despite the poor start from Volegov, he managed to finish fourth. Marta Garcia (Drivex) maintained fifth place after a nice battle with Danny Kroes (MP Motorsport).
Results Race 2:

1 Verschoor 2 Lloveras 3 Volegov 4 Vartanyan 5 Garcia 6 Kroes 7 Gonzalez 8 Tujula