Toby Price won a heart-stopping stage in Salinas de Uyuni. KTM rider beat Gonçalves who keep the lead of the Dakar after his third place today. KTM crushing Honda with 3 bikes on top4. Joan Barreda today lost any chance to win the Dakar due to engine problems.

After two marathons stages, today’s stage was not a short one, it has been the farthest of 2016 Dakar edition in Salar de Uyuni in 4000 meters of altitude.

A controversial stage for some but not for others, but one thing was clear today; the crashes. We are in the half point of the Dakar and is getting usual to see the riders retire due to injuries.

That happened to Husquvarna revelation, Rubén Faria. The same with Eric Croquelois, Iván Jakes and Wessel Bosman. But is not all about injuries, people also have to retire because they have technical issues like Sherco of Florent Vayssade or Honda top rider, Joan Barreda.

The rally contender showed a good pace in the earlies check points, but in km 203 his motorbike stopped. He had to wait 90 minutes for mate Paulo Ceci assistant to figure out his engine issues. But it wasn’t enough, the Spanish rider stopped again 50 km later and had to wait for Ceci once again, to tow Barreda to the checker flag.

Now there’s only one Honda on top, Paulo Gonçalves one, who will have to fight with KTM’s of Toby Price – today’s winner is now 29 seconds behind the Portuguese, Mathias Walkner –today third and third as well in the standings, and Stefan Svitko, the most regular rider right now.