Tom Blomqvist has claimed victory in the second heat race of the FIA ??Formula 3 in Imola. Behind, Max Verstappen has made a comeback coming 11th book and finishing second, winning this position in line to another Italian, Antonio Giovinazzi. Esteban Ocon, fourth this time, go backward by title celebrations at least until the third race this weekend.

Tom Blomqvist gets in the fight for the championship after winning the second race at Imola. The Italian has offered its best in plotting San Marino, and has been imposed with great authority. Behind him, Max Verstappen has offered a great recital of overtaking, and has reached the second position after overtaking in the last line, which has overtaken Antonio Giovinazzi by just 19 thousandths.

Just start at the outlet had the first casualty of the race. It was the Spanish, Alex Toril, who suffered a spin that left him stuck in the gravel. Six laps later, a strong Santino Ferrucci accident left him with some discomfort in the neck, as the impact was quite high magnitude. Later, to complete this series of incidents in Imola, William Buller also abandoned after problems with his car.

In track, Verstappen focused the attention of all the cameras, and in a few laps could reach the fifth, the latter making a spectacular crash at Lucas Auer. At that moment left him against Esteban Ocon, who had the head centered in the Championship with the race. Thus, the future Toro Rosso driver overtook him without much hassle. Finally, in the last corner, as we advanced, beating Dutch ended Giovinazzi by just 19 thousandths.

In front, Blomqvist had no difficulties staying on track with a steady pace, and Italian a victory that puts him second in the drivers’ championship, with twelve points ahead of Verstappen and watering the party Ocon was that has many ballots crowned champion in the third set of Imola. Finally finished in fifth position Lucas Auer, followed by Nicholas Latifi, Jake Dennis, Felix Serrallés Felix Rosenqvist and Gustavo Menezes, who closed the points.


Pos. Car Driver Team Time
1 31 Tom Blomqvist Jagonya Ayam with Carlin 20 Laps
2 30 Max Verstappen Van Amersfoort Racing + 4,263
3 19 Antonio Giovinazzi Jagonya Ayam with Carlin + 4,282
4 2 Esteban Ocon Prema Powerteam + 7,743
5 3 Lucas Auer kftzteile24 Mücke Motorsport + 10,029
6 1 Nicholas Latifi Prema Powerteam + 12,497
7 28 Jake Dennis Carlin + 13,624
8 21 Felix Serralles Team West-Tec F3 + 17,388
9 27 Felix Rosenqvist kftzteile24 Mücke Motorsport + 19,089
10 16 Gustavo Menezes Van Amersfoort Racing + 19,746
11 26 Dennis van de Laar Prema Powerteam + 22,246
12 32 Nick Cassidy ThreeBond with T-Sport + 23,867
13 6 Edward Jones Carlin + 26,250
14 18 Tatiana Calderon Jo Zeller Racing + 26,979
15 15 Jules Szymkowiak Van Amersfoort Racing + 32,283
16 20 Sean Gelael Jagonya Ayam with Carlin + 32,689
17 8 Michele Beretta Eurointernational + 34,096
18 11 Richard Goddard ThreeBond with T-Sport + 35,384
19 5 Jordan King Carlin + 35,533
20 29 Sergio Sette Camara Eurointernational + 37,902
21 4 Roy Nissany kftzteile24 Mücke Motorsport + 37,932
22 22 Wing Chung Chang Team West-Tec F3 + 37,949
23 17 Sandro Zeller Jo Zeller Racing + 42,918
24 9 Hongwei Cao Fortec Motorsports + 43,106
25 25 Antonio Fuoco Prema Powerteam + 1 Lap
DNF 23 William Buller Signature + 7 Laps
DNF 10 Santino Ferrucci Fortec Motorsports + 14 Laps
DNF 12 Alexander Toril ThreeBond with T-Sport 14