After the halfway point of the race, only three drivers are in the same lap. Fernando Alonso has said goodbye to every option to reach a good result due to his braking problems and the LMP2 are at the fight for the podium.

With 10 hours to go until the end of Daytona 24 hours, the fight for victory is grouped in three drivers. The Cadillac number 5, now being driven by Albuquerque, rolls in the first position with an advantage of just over 6 seconds compared to the Acura 7 of Castroneves, which rolls in second position. He was leading until just over 10 minutes ago, Eric Curran, who has stopped to change the rear wing and is currently in third position. They are the only three drivers on the same lap which makes the fight for the victory one of the most interesting spots when the fourteenth hour of the race has been completed.

The LMP2 of United Sports (the vehicle number 32) and the Oreca 37 are fighting fight for a fourth place that can lead to a podium option. At the moment they are rolling in fourth and fifth position with three laps of disadvantage. Both have benefited from the electrical problems that Dane Cameron has suffered. He has lost approximately 20 laps and every possibility of podium and victory. The problems of the DPi, have led the LMP2 to escalate to the first positions of the grid.

For its part, the team of Fernando Alonso is in eighteenth position, now driven by Phil Hanson, in an attempt to recover the lost ground due to brake problems suffered more than 3 hours ago.

It is being a very clean race, in which only two yellow flags have appeared despite the rain that has fallen throughout the night.