Last session set-up at Le Mans which will be use to make the last setup of the cars to hold the highest level during the 24 hours and more than 5000 km



The keys to this race will include:
             – Weather changes the conditions of the race for sure, there are probabilities of rainning from 11 am to 7 pm (in the first 6 hours of race) after this everything is all dry and the next day (Sunday) it is raining in the last hours of the race
             – The Toyota Energy system distinguishes the Audi that automatically transmits 300HP extra power on the rear axle everytime while Audi has it in the front and can only operate it from 120km / h
             – Toyota has a competitive advantage in pit strategy can make one lap more over to the circuit than the Audi because of its higher deposit
             – Especially attention to lostlap cars as GT Pro with fratricidal struggle between them battling position, this may cause an accident during the race.
             – Fatigue of the pilots and mechanics
After Warmup will be time to enjoy the historic racing and 3pm and finally the start of the legendary 24 hours of LeMans
The starting grid as has been shown in this link.