The competition will begin in 2019 and today the motorbike which they will ride, has been revealed.

Renewable energies also reach the MotoGP World Championship. The good results in other competitions such as Formula E, open the door to new competitions as the the Moto-E World Cup. It is not called for the moment World Championship, although the CEO of Dorna, Carmelo Ezpaleta, did not rule it out for a future.

The presentation session began with a clear message, addressed to critics of this new category: “Silence can be a value”. It is not a bad slogan to try to convince the nostalgic of the noisy engines. As example, the MotoGP team leaders, who when they were asked about this type of motorcycle, answered in a joking way: “The electric bikes …? I am 53 years old, and if they come I would miss the sound of a real engine…”, said, Livio Suppo.

The event held in Rome, had the presence of the top directors of the World Motorcycling and it was precisely Vito Ippolito, president of the FIM, who has revealed that they have been working on this option for a long time: “25 years worried about sustainability. We follow the latest technologies and a few years ago we talked with Dorna about this possibility. Today we welcome this project. It is the beginning of a new era”, said the president of the FIM.

The bike has been presented in a spectacular way and with an even better driver, Loris Capirossi. The three times world champion, has been in charge of taking the Moto-E to the stage. He entered in the middle of some applauses that quieted as they saw that the bike did not sound at all.

Loris himself highlighted the qualities of this new motorcycle: “Driving it is a different feeling, but I really enjoyed it. We are in the beginning, but in the line of growing. The weight is high, partly because of the battery it carries, but on the track it’s like taking a normal motorcycle, it’s very agile”, said Capirossi.

The World Cup will have 18 riders, distributed in 11 teams. Seven teams will have two bikes provided to the MotoGP teams. For its part, the other four teams will have a single motorcycle and will be provided to the Moto 2 and 3 teams. The main characteristic is that the 18 motorbikes which will go racing will be the same. With this, the organization prevents investment from being the differential factor in the competition and search to be the equality to be it. Energica will be the motorcycle manufacturer.

The Energia Ego 45 will be the starting point of the Moto-E motorcycle development. It is a model with a maximum power of 145 HP, capable of accelerating from 0 to 100 km / h in less than three seconds and reach a top speed of 145 km / h.
The championship for the moment, will have 5 races to be held in MotoGP weekend. The objective is to attract the audience of the Motorcycling World Championship to promote this new project. The FIM Moto-E Cup, will not be held until 2019.