Nearly eight months before the XXXIV edition of the 24 Hours of Resistance in Bikes of the Vall del Tenes, the attendance of three European teams has been confirmed: the Netherlands, France and Italy, therefore, the 24 Hours continues keeping its internationality since 2009.
Jarno Borgelink, Team Dutch’s representative and driver from the same team, who participated in the last 3 editions and has been on the podium twice, is very happy to take part in this special event again. “People here are great, they respect us a lot even if we come from the Netherlands, and welcome us very well after the long road with the motorhome.”
Borgelink has remembered his latest edition in which he finished on the podium: “It’s a very special podium with the elevator that makes the walk of honor, we all liked it, it’s very special to be up there, especially seeing everyone in front of the podium, just awesome!”
The team will not change its pilots since, according to Borgelink, they have “the right mix of knowledge, experience and fun!” and added “we have a good team, and we would like to fight for the podium.”
The team, at the same time, although the aim for this year 2013 is to compete for the podium, has had problems to keep its members since the abandonment in 2012 (when they had been racing only two hours) hurt them.
Even with the initial disappointment, now they are back with more force than last year, with a very special bike. “We ourselves assemble the Honda 4-stroke 130cc that we only make for Lliçà”. Borgelink has stressed the importance this competition has for them because of its economic costs. “It costs a lot of money, only for a race, but it is worthwhile, because it is a very special race, once a year.”
Finally he has clarified that the bike with which they will be competing, “The same bike as in 2012, has a very nice sound, although we have to work with the new 4-stroke engine.”
The French team is not far behind and will return with renewed energies and with changes among its pilots. Sebastian Menardeau, better known as Max, pilot and team leader, speaks of its members. “David comes from the North of France, Erwan comes from northern Bretanya, and we, the others of the team, are from south of Bretanya. I myself am from Nantes”, and adds: “There are many miles to go to Catalonia, but when it comes to honor the race we do not stay behind”. Max says that they are really looking forward to return because “this race is very special, the hardest, longest, highest race! At the end, we love it”.
The French team will make their third appearance in the 24 hours. They will return with the same bike but with new engine. The name of the team will depend on “its sponsor”.

As for the Italians, they are considering the possibility to participate with a second bike, ready to hold their ground.