Mohammed Ben Sulayem has asked his FIA team to look into the teams who wish to enter the F1 championship in future.

For some time now, American giants Andretti Autosports have been looking to enter F1 but their wish hasn’t come to fruition. While there is general happiness about a new entry, but the current lot also feels uneasy since if more of them come, the income gets divided.

It will also lead to new alliances and more competition, not just on track but also for off track shenanigans. After the debacle with the previous F1 teams, the FIA tightened up the entry process with a handsome fees which made difficult for many to pay.

Only companies with serious money could think of entering. In the last few years, only Haas has managed to make it in but their model of work with Ferrari has eased their financial load which is why it has worked for them in a larger way.

While Haas has enjoyed being the sole American F1 team on the grid, as noted above their NASCAR rivals Andretti have been looking to get in and also held talks with Sauber which didn’t work. The Swiss team went with Audi who will enter as engine suppliers.

Apart from Andretti, there is also interest from various other companies like Panthera, Calvin Lo and even Porsche. After some push against it happening, President Sulayem has asked his team at the FIA to look into the teams wanting to enter F1.

“I have asked my FIA team to look at launching an Expressions of Interest process for prospective new teams for the FIA F1 World Championship,” wrote Sulayem. This is a positive first step from the President but only time will tell what comes out of it.

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