Lance Stroll says Aston Martin were really lucky to not have sustained more damage in Fernando Alonso clash on Lap 1 in F1 Bahrain GP.

It was almost a civil war situation at the start of the F1 Bahrain GP for Aston Martin when Stroll touched the back of Alonso on Lap 1 at Turn 1. While the fighting the Mercedes cars, the Spaniard took a wide line in the right-hander.

With the inside open, Stroll carrying more speed arrived at the corner just when Alonso turned. A timely brake helped the Canadian to slow down the car enough to not clout the back of the Spaniard with more gust which would have ended both their races.

It was lucky situation as per Stroll, who ended up sixth while Alonso was third. “Really lucky, really lucky,” the Canadian started. “I braked late to stay in front of George. Fernando went for a cut back on Hamilton at Turn 4 and it was just really bad timing.

“We came together, so really lucky to get away with that one.” Teammate Alonso initially thought it to be Russell, but noticed on the TV screens that Stroll had hit him. The Spaniard concurred that it was a lucky escape for both the drivers.

“Yeah, apparently into Turn 4,” started Alonso. “I thought it was George. But I saw the replay on TV later on, and it was Lance. So yeah, he had a very good start because, you know, he was alongside me into Turn 4. We got lucky.

“Obviously the two cars, they didn’t have any problems and we could continue. It was our lucky day. For many things, you know, for this contact, and also to be both cars with strong points. So, I’m very happy for the team because they deserve it.”

For Stroll, it was a double escape as the incident did send some shockwaves to his injured hands and wrists. He managed to get a decent result in the end, even though the last 20 laps was limiting him. Post-race, mechanics brought in the stool to help him get out too.

“It feels great,” said Stroll. “It’s great to beat Russell, I think we could have got Hamilton without the VSC, we lost some time there. We were catching him towards the end. But my pain was the biggest limiting factor in the last 20 laps. Just Turn 10, the hairpins.

“I was struggling to just turn in with confidence without the pain. I mean, I was just trying to get to the end, but it was still just a lot of fun to drive the car. Even with adrenaline, broken bones still hurt. So not with two broken wrists.

“So, really happy for the team. It’s a great way to start this season. Fernando on the podium, great result. And I’m happy to pick up sixth considering everything that happened over the last two weeks, I couldn’t move 10 days ago, I couldn’t walk.

“I couldn’t move both hands. I was a vegetable pretty much. I didn’t think I would be here right now; still just processing everything. So it’s amazing to pick up these points, to drive this car. Great start to the season,” summed up Stroll.

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