Guenther Steiner surprised by sales numbers of his book but has no intention to write another, while notes about Kevin Magnussen using Nico Hulkenberg’s set-up.

Haas’ Steiner surprised everyone after about launching his book ‘Surviving to Drive’, primarily based on the 2022 F1 season which had more about the previous years too. It sold well which surprised the Italian, making headlines too.

“Pretty good, it made the Sunday Times number one couple of weeks ago, and last week it fell back to number four, but they tell me that’s not bad? So I’m pretty happy,” said Steiner. “I wouldn’t have dreamt of it. So I was quite as surprised as you are. Obviously.”

The book does have the tale around Mick Schumacher and his time at Haas along with bits on the scene with Nikita Mazepin and despite the good sale, Steiner isn’t doing another one just yet. It remains a one-off for the time being.

“Not planning that one at the moment? You never know with me what is next,” said Steiner. “But I think that Zak said that he will be writing one, because he told me that he’s a very good writer, so he wants to bring it to the public his book. No, I don’t think so.”

McLaren’s Zak Brown agreed about having stories but isn’t to write one for now. “I think well, I think if you’ve been around motor sport long enough, any of us have some pretty cool stories that we can share, because it’s a fascinating sport,” he said.

“You meet a lot of interesting characters. It’s a fast-moving business. So there’s probably a book in everyone to a certain extent. But no, I’ve got to keep focusing on the motor racing, because we’re not where we want to be yet and I’m going to keep doing that, which is why I started working on Tuesday.”

Looking at the 2023 F1 season, Haas has had an average start with points scored but not enough to break into the Top 5 just yet. Hulkenberg has shown good one lap pace, but hasn’t been able to convert it into big points in the races.

Magnussen has had a mixed run and as per Steiner, the Dane switched to the set-up used by the German which has done a bit of trick for him after some complaints about the car not doing what he wanted it to do in the races gone by.

“I mean, he didn’t complain about the car in the last races,” said Steiner. “He needed to find a balance in the car. He made a big step by just going with Nico’s set-up. It suits him better. He jumped over to that one in Jeddah and it suited him. So he now looks at that car a lot to set his car up.”

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