Haas boss Guenther Steiner says he spoken to their drivers about approaching Monaco with caution and staying “off the barriers” in the race.

At times throughout the F1 2021 season, Mazepin has shown a lack of car control with regular spins and blue flag infringements, especially with his trouble with the rear-end. At Monaco, where such control is imperative, Steiner says “keeping out of the walls” will be the most important thing in determining the outcome of Mazepin’s race.

Steiner also points out that, at a circuit which demands high downforce, Haas’ VF-21 has little to offer: “We spoke about it already,” he said to media including FormulaRapida.net. “In Monaco, you need a lot of downforce, and guess what we haven’t got? A lot of downforce! So it will be even tougher.

“So we spoke about it already that keeping out of the walls and the barriers is the most important thing in Monaco for us, whatever it is – there is no leeway. We just have to swallow that one, but it will be a tough one,” Steiner conceded.

With four races under his belt, Mazepin says he expects Monaco to pose “quite a big challenge” this weekend – especially that it will be his first time racing at the circuit as a F1 driver. The Russian also cites a lack of downforce as one possible reason that he may struggle.

“Having a good car with a lot of downforce is important – so therefore this year I’m expecting quite a big challenge,” he said. “In regard to having four race starts under our belt in the VF-21 before Monaco, well, we don’t get to chose the calendar so it is what it is.”

Mazepin’s teammate Mick Schumacher, who has no doubt had an easier time of adapting to F1 – due to his likeness towards loose rear – says he is “super” comfortable in the VF-21, and looks forward to an exciting experience. “Obviously, if you have a car that you trust, one that you feel comfortable in, most likely that will help you go into Monaco, and into FP1, with somewhat more of an open mind to learn the track,” he said.

“If you also have to learn the car, or if you’re not comfortable in the car, that definitely makes it a lot more difficult. I’m super comfortable in the car and I’m excited to learn how to drive around Monaco in the VF-21.”

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