Richie Stanaway has raised this afternoon by the stairs of the Automobile Club of Monaco as winner of the second race of the GP2. Marciello, who started from the preferred position, lost the top spot and has come second while Sirotkin was third.


Finished the competition in GP2 this weekend, Vandoorne still leads in the category. Nevertheless, he has not moved from grid position throughout the race, staying behind Rossi, his nearest competitor.

The protagonist of today was Richie Stanaway. Status driver has set Marciello, who started from the top spot, and has been in the first place from the first to the last corner, starting with a superb driving distance through the streets of the principality.

Compared with usual, the race was pretty quiet. The start has said goodbye to Cecotto, Amberg and Haryanto, with the latter leaving his Campos parked at Loewes and causing a period of Virtual Security car. To all this, Nato has had to meet a Stop & Go, as Sørensen after having his mechanics in the grid after the last warning.

For his leadership, like yesterday, Canamasas has to be mentioned, which like last season protrudes through the streets of the principality. After climbing one position at the start, with a masterful overtaking at Sainta Devote has been placed before Leal – who had already lost one position at the start to benefit Sirotkin – to finish fourth.

Markelov, meanwhile, has also been pressing Binder, who had lost many places at the start, but was only able to do at the end of straight and did not quite get it. Finally, with Berthon, he did in the last round despite being off points.

Gasly was going after Jordan King, who constantly complained of the movements of the French, claiming that he skipped chicanes. Leaving the tunnel, the British has been stamped after Dams, flying above it and losing a race other than just the RedBull, tenth.

Congratulating and celebrating his team for “a very good car,” Richie Stanaway target reached ahead of Marciello, and a second later did Sirotkin and grabbing his first podium in the GP2.

After the race in the principality, the return of GP2 and GP3 will be together in the Austrian Grand Prix, here two weeks.



Pos Driver Team Gap
1 R. Stanaway Status Grand Prix After 30 Laps
2 R. Marciello Trident +2,038
3 S. Sirotkin Rapax +3,207
4 S. Canamasas MP Motorsport +5,698
5 J. Leal Carlin +13,479
6 A. Pic Campos Racing +20,637
7 A. Rossi Racing Engineering +22,119
8 S. Vandoorne ART Grand Prix +23,103
9 N. Yelloly Hilmer Motorsport +33,361
10 P. Gasly DAMS +45,367
11 A. Lynn DAMS +46,007
12 D. De Jong MP Motorsport +47,018
13 R. Visoiu Rapax +47,331
14 A. Markelov RUSSIAN TIME +47,697
15 N. Berthon Lazarus +50,015
16 R. Binder Trident +58,315
17 A. Negrão Arden International +58,464
18 M. Stöckinger Status Grand Prix +59,823
19 N. Matsushita ART Grand Prix +60,57
20 M. Sørensen Carlin +68,579
21 N. Nato Arden International +70,989
DNF J. King Racing Engineering +6 Laps
DNF Z. Amberg Lazarus +30 Laps
DNF R. Haryanto Campos Racing +30 Laps
DNS M. Evans RUSSIAN TIME +30 Laps
DNF J. Cecotto Hilmer Motorsport +30 Laps