Great qualy of Spengler, who has shown superior rivals. Rockenfeler, very disappointed finishing fourth in the last session. Green has been second and Farfus third.

Molina, has rolled very fast and was eighth.

The first session was very quiet. The track was wet, which has made several pilots scares track making out.

The first position has changed a lot in the first few minutes, a dozen pilots have come to occupy.

Finally the best time in the first session that has marked by Wittman has been very fast and promising for the following sessions .

The catalan pilot, Molina, has done well , qualifying for the second round. Juncadella, has not been so lucky and has been removed .

Rockenfeler global leader, has made his team suffer, classifying his last lap with a good time.

They have been eliminated Mortara, Vietoris, Merhi, Prialux and Juncadella.

At the second session have not been surprises, favorites have not had too much trouble to go to the next round. Wittman, who had set the fastest time in the previous session, could not overcome the cutting time to enter the next round. Who neither has gotten has been Wickens, the winner of the previous race has been caught in the rain and could not overcome the tenth.

In the absence of six minutes to go, it started to rain, which has led to the pilots who had set a time .

Due to rain Timo Glock has left track which has prevented further rolling and finishing in last place the session.

Miquel Molina, has made good times has been rewarded, has gone down in Q3.

Who has not been Tambay, Wickens, Ekstrom, Wittman and Glock.

The session has been awarded the Green with a great return to the beginning .

The third round of qualifying was very interesting and intense .

Has been dominated by almost all drivers who have filmed . Until the last minute there was nothing decided.

Rockenfeler has done a very good time it has remained in the top spot for most of the session. Close Farfus have followed Spengler and Green , who have qualified for the Q4 .

Molina has made a good session finishing eighth , his second best result of the season .

They have been eliminated Werner , Albuquerque , Paffett , Molina , Scheider , Tomczyk .

The first driver was leaving Green. He has made a flawless lap 1:20.2 .

Farfus , second shooting , has not made ​​a return to winning is losing tenths each sector.

Spengler , has passed for 30 mil the first sector of Green , the second has won tenth and third another tenth . It has been placed in the first position with a time of 1:19.9

Rockenfeler was the last to leave. He has made a bad first sector tenth slower than Spengler. In the second sector has gone down , and the third . It has been fourth .

The pole ‘s taken Spengler , Green was second , third and fourth Farfus , Rockenfeler .

With these results , you can catch Rockenfeler Spengler is global leader .