The Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya will have a new track configuration from F1 2023 season with its debut in Spanish GP.

The Barcelona circuit has gone back to the older track configuration consisting of two corners for the 2023 F1 Spanish GP, thereby removing the chicane. In affect, the circuit promoters haven’t removed it per se from the circuit.

They have homologated both types of configuration leaving on the series promoters to decide which one they like to use. For the F1 race, they are to use the two corner layout after a visit and approval from FIA Head of Circuit and Rally Safety Stuart Robertson and FIA F1 Race Director and Safety Delegate Niels Wittich.

In additional to the layout change, the circuit promoters have remodelled the pit exit giant scoreboard which is now more modern and better. They have widened the Turn 1 run-off as well with an area of 70m of gravel and new fencing that goes towards Turn 2. There has been other routine work with regards to kerbs, painting and safety tyres.

Here’s the whole of the changes as per the circuit:

Another modification that will affect all track configurations is the widening of the run-off area in Turn 1. A first phase of works has already been completed there, with the result of an area of 70 metres of gravel and the installation of a new FIA fence protecting turns 1 and 2, thus significantly improving the safety of the drivers and riders. With this modification, the Circuit can hold on-track action while a second phase of works is being carried out simultaneously, which affects the service roads surrounding the area and a part of the public area. This second phase is scheduled to be finished by the end of March.

Something that will catch the attention of the participants, but also of the spectators, is the remodelling of the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya scoreboard, located at the pit lane exit. This season, the Circuit will have a new signalling tower, a much more modern one that will continue to add character to one of the most iconic points of the facilities. As usual, other routine and necessary tasks have been carried out on the track, such as painting, replacing some of the kerbs, renewing tyres, etc.

There will also be other new features off the track. On the first floor of the long pit building, the former hospitality areas known as Corporate Lounges will have a new layout, turning them into an open-plan space with a large capacity. The permanent toilets in the fan areas of the facilities are also being refurbished and will be ready for the 2023 season.


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