Sergey Sirotkin, thanks to a stellar lap, caught pole position for the first race of the week-end tomorrow in Monaco. He will start ahead of local man Norman Nato and his Racing Engineering Teammate Jordan King.

Qualifying session is split is two groups. The first one to go is for the drivers with odds numbers: Matsushita, Nato, Lynn, Evans, Marciello, Malja, Ghiotto, Kirchhöfer, Gasly, De Jong and Eriksson.

Pierre Gasly was the fastest in the first part of the session, the only one under 1:22 min. Marvin Kirchhöfer joined Gasly, 0.102s away from the Frenchman, Raffaele Marciello being the third one under the 1:22 min. While Norman Nato took the fastest lap, Gasly encountered a braking failure, ending his session earlier than plan. Kirchhöfer overtook him before Mitch Evans marked a stellar lap with a 1:20.597. Nato got fastest with three minutes to go before Lynn and then Evans overtook him again. Gasly, locked in the pits, got under investigation for failing the weighting. Nato managed to get the fastest lap again with only several seconds to go with a 1:19.894 laptime. Evans was second, Lynn third while Gasly, threatened by a qualifying ban, was only eighth fastest.

The second group consists of: Sirotkin, King, Latifi, Gelael, Markelov, Pic, Armand, Canamasas, Giovinazzi, Rowland and Jeffri.

Oliver Rowland is the first one to set a representative time, then being overtook Sergio Canamasas. A lot of drivers rather stayed in the pits, waiting for a grained track. Canamasas got under investigation for the same reason than Gasly just after hitting the barrier. Antonio Giovinazzi was the first one to beat Canamasas but just afterward, he was beaten by Jordan King and Sergey Sirotkin, both drivers going faster than Nato’s time with 6 minutes to go.

Two minutes later, Artem Markelov hits the barrier at Sainte Devote, deploying a red flag to repair the barrier with 3:48 min on the clock. After almost half an hour, the session went green again and the battle for pole position went on. Sirotkin went 0.4s faster than his previous lap while King missed his opportunity to get pole. The only other driver to have got a better time is Giovinazzi, fourth of the group.

Sergey Sirotkin will start from pole position tomorrow morning for the first race of the week-end ahead of Norman Nato and Jordan King.