Silverstone boss Stuart Pringle says they are in touch with the Britain Government as they hope that maximum number of fans are allowed in for F1 British GP.

With no fans allowed in for the two F1 races held at Silverstone in 2020, the circuit’s boss Pringle, hopes that 2021 is not a repeat and that maximum number of fans are allowed to witness the British GP, as the vaccination drive continues on in the country.

The Government has amended rules for limited number of fans to be allowed at sporting venues from May 17 onward and Pringle hopes that there will be further revisions, which will help Silverstone host more fans by the July 18 date for 2021 F1 British GP.

“A full crowd is still absolutely on the table,” Pringle said in an interview on PA. “Silverstone is not a tight stadium in the same way that a football stadium is or a tennis court. Our 70,000 grandstand seats are spread out over three-and-a-half miles.

“We have got a lot of space, we are absolutely an outdoor venue, we have a lot of entrances and exits. Anything is possible, but it has also been made clear it is far from guaranteed,” summed up Pringle, as he elaborated on the troubles for Silverstone from the financial aspect with no events whatsoever.

It is still not 100 percent for them, as if the COVID-19 mutates further and the vaccination sees some trouble, the British Government could decide otherwise and Silverstone will be forced to return to its closed door status. He is, however, hopeful, it isn’t the case.

“We have been hit with a double-whammy because the other side to our business is conferences and exhibitions, and they have not been able to happen either,” said Pringle. “We had one event only with fans in 2020, the Pomeroy Trophy last February, which was attended by less than 100 people. It has been extremely difficult.

“We have had no revenue, but have had all the costs of keeping a 550-acre site licensed, serviceable and capable of coming back. I want the 2021 British Grand Prix to take place with the largest number of fans attending as possible. That is hugely important to Silverstone so we will do whatever it takes to play our part in proving it is safe to do so.

“I see a strong pent-up demand for that from the public. They absolutely want to come so we have to create the environment where they are able to do so,” summed up Pringle. The F1 track is now seeing some business with the UK-based teams testing their cars.

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