Andreas Seidl talks about the improvements from McLaren from Bahrain till Imola and if they can think of challenging on all F1 circuits.

After a well documented slow and sluggish start to the season, McLaren have improved greatly in the last few races. As per Lando Norris earlier in the season, their car may be suited to certain tracks but not all but the F1 team has done well between Bahrain and Imola with an excellent podium which has been their seasonal highlight thus far.

Going back to Norris’ point in Jeddah, they hadn’t changed anything on the car but it performed better than at Bahrain. Following on from Imola, Seidl gives an in-depth account of where they are now. “I think from what we have seen now from Melbourne and here as well is that the car is working under all kinds of conditions and also different track layouts, different ending conditions, dry conditions and also on the wet tyres which is very positive”.

“But at the same time if you look at the field where it is very close between the Mercedes, us, Valtteri, Kevin, so there’s no comfort in what we are seeing now in the last few weekends. It was great to see for me how the team was dealing with let’s say the challenge of the Bahrain race weekend”.

“How everyone stayed calm and united and simply kept their head down and kept working together as one team through the challenges and that was very pleasing to see because that was the first real test of everything we had put in place over the last three years where the sun was always shining so very pleased with that and very pleased as well to know that we have a plan in places of places we want to bring more performance to the car in the next weeks and months”.

“Obviously, it’s great that we have scored all points already,” summed up Seidl to media including From the doom and gloom of Bahrain to the podium at Imola a month later, it has been a massive and much admired turnaround. It’s great to see of course but they have to see how it will go in the upcoming races like Miami and more.

“Never too confident because I know that the machinery in this paddock with all things is not standing still but I am confident that we have a car enhanced, we have a package which is able at each weekend at the moment to fight for Quali 3 and fight for good points,” said Seidl. “Together with a strong team and two strong drivers”.

“Because it’s not just about lap time performance it’s also about putting the weekends together and I make really big compliments to the team how everyone pulled it off this weekend despite some challenges also where we couldn’t do some laps in P2. It’s just great to see how everything is coming together with both drivers, great strategy great tyre management and a lot of people involved”.

“And great results which is just good to see. And with results like today its great motivation for everyone in the team at the track and back home to keep working hard,” summed up Seidl. For any team on the grid, no matter how successful they are, there is nothing like a successful result for the team to boost morale, productivity, confidence and act as a motivational tool.

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