Alexander Rossi wins on a strange race at Monza. Stoffel Vandoorne was second, ahead of Mitch Evans, who has carried a great comeback starting from the final of the grid.


The race started with a big departure from Pierre Gasly, which from the beginning has achieved a good rythm and he has started to race alone, making the distance grow compared to his rivals.
On lap 4, Van Buuren has suffered an accident that forced to leave the Safety Car. However, it has only been on track two laps, and when it has gone, it has started a fight between Lynn and Sirotkin. By another side, Cecotto has been penalized with a ‘Drive Through’ as a consequence of a jump start.

A few laps later, Gasly, who was leading the race, stopped to change tires but something went wrong and when it came back to the track, all the drivers overtook him and, unfortunately, he had to retire.
Meanwhile, Stoffel Vandoorne has done two consecutive fastest laps and Matsushita had retire. However, bad luck at Pit Stops by the team Dams continued, and Lynn suffered the same as his teammate. But despite this, the British could keep track.

It came the half of the race when suddenly Sirotkin and Lynn crashed and caused a collision. Sirotkin was able to follow some laps on the track, but finally had to leave, as the driver of Dams.
Past the halfway point of the race, there have been many battles, and Mitch Evans, who started from the back of the grid, was already struggling in the points with Jordan King. Vandoorne and Rossi were third and fourth respectively, but as the drivers they had in front of them were stopping, they were winning positions.

In the end, Vandoorne has placed himself first and Rossi second, but finally the American has advanced the Belgian. Mitch Evans was already the fifth, but he has continued fighting until overtake Pic and Nato, the two drivers he had in front of him, to finish in a great third position. The TOP10 is completed by Stanaway, Markelov, Nato, Pic, King, Visoiu and Binder.

The second race of the weekend will take place tomorrow at 10:30 am at Monza