Mick Schumacher had another disappointing end in F1 Monaco GP, as Guenther Steiner is certainly not too pleased with the incident.

For Haas, Magnussen’s performance at Bahrain must seem a long time ago now. The F1 Monaco GP was a weekend to forget for the team in more ways than one. Out of the three race retirements, the Dane was first while Schumacher was the second one.

The crash which the young German suffered was spectacular but also very frightening as the car quite literally split in two on impact. As it was, out came the safety car but it soon became clear it was a red flag scenario.

It is another unfortunate end to the race of Schumacher as pressure is piling up. After the race, he spoke about the shunt and was remarkably candid and calm. “I feel alright,” he said to media. “Obviously it’s very annoying. I think in terms of pace, we were definitely there, it was just a matter of keeping it on track and unfortunately I was not able to do that.”

It was a pity as up until then both Haas drivers had been on the pace consistently from the moment the race started. That despite the stop start nature of the day. “It felt pretty good, the pace felt strong and it felt like we able to attack and push,” he said.

“Unfortunately we ended up being a bit too wide which was maybe a matter of 10 centimetres at the end and you know that’s enough to lose all the grip that you thought you had and unfortunately the result is as it happened,” summed up Schumacher.

Only 10 centimetres off line and the end result was a split in two Haas. It just shows the small margins for error can have such disastrous consequences. Monaco as is well known demands 100% concentration in dry conditions. The inclement weather which marred the early part of the race certainly adds to that.

For Schumacher, it was another disappointment. A driver who is still chasing his first World Championship point has had more than his share of bad luck in 2022 so far. For Magnussen, a water pump issue ruined his race on lap 19. It was a big pity because as per his teammate above, he too looked to have an impressive turn of speed in the early stages.

Team boss Steiner did not mince his words especially for Schumacher, as the crashes only adds to the bill amid cost cap situation. “It was a disappointing day,” he said. “Kevin’s car was really fast, we were just waiting for our opportunity to pass Bottas at the pit stop, either under or over cutting to get by him and chase the field.

“He could easily follow him. He then had an issue with a water leak on his ERS system. With Mick we obviously saw what happened. It’s not very satisfactory having a big crash again. We need to see how we move forward from here,” summed up Steiner.

It was a frustrating weekend for Haas. For now it is back to the factory before they reconvene at Baku in two weeks. As per the top, it must feel a long time since Bahrain and they are waiting until the French GP for any updates.

Here’s the crash for Mick Schumacher: https://www.formula1.com/en/latest/video.2022-monaco-grand-prix-schumacher-unhurt-after-heavy-crash-splits-his-car.1734173464661499252.html