Mick Schumacher feels flattered after comments from Jost Capito, that he would love to see the German winning in a Williams F1 car. 

Though the season is yet to be over, an agreed upon sentiment is how well Haas’ Schumacher has done in his rookie year, not only technically, but also socially and communication-wise with his team. Bringing in praise from Williams’ team principal, Capito to the young German.

Two P14 qualifying results, a P12 best finish in Hungary and low retirement rate with only one DNF in Russia in a Haas, among his cooperation and teamwork with his engineers has many agreeing that he is a great rookie that can, in the future, win. Capito has expressed his opinions on the performance by Schumacher both on and off the track stating he’s definitely someone to keep an eye on.

In an interview with RTL, Capito hoped that Schumacher can win with Williams in future. “I have to say Mick is doing an excellent job,” he said. “It’s only his first year in Formula 1 but how he’s handled things, how he’s handled the Haas team and how he’s got them behind him is absolutely brilliant. He’s a driver to keep an eye on, he’s a nice guy and really deserves to be in a car he can win with.

“I’m confident that will happen. If that were a Williams, that would be even better.” Some media mistook the quote to align that Schumacher could race for Williams and that Capito wants him in the car, but the German clarified his comments.

“I was asked what I thought about Mick and maybe because I’m German and he’s German,” said Capito. “And I think he’s going a great job, he’s a great job as a rookie, he gets better and better. I think he’s very confident. I think he’s working hard as well, that’s what I believe, he’s a nice guy and I was asked if he was good enough to be in a winning team.

“I said definitely, he has, for sure, in the future, he should have the chance to be in a car that can win. Maybe next year, you already have a car that can win. And then the media said, yeah, I’m open door for Williams and I’m very happy and so honoured that the media think if I’m talking about a winning car, they mean the Williams,” summed up Capito.

When told about Capito’s comments, Schumacher was extremely flattered in being on the radar of other teams, stating that the hard work done by him and the team is the essence of his performance this season.

“It’s definitely very flattering and I am very happy,” said Schumacher when asked by FormulaRapida.net. “It comes down to our hard work that all of us here in the team are delivering and giving. There’s no missing pieces that we worked for at the start of the year, it’s come into place now and hopefully it’ll pay off next year.”

The story was written by Selena Aburas

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