Sauber Group has started ‘Sauber Technologies’ with the company focused on engineering and aerodynamics side, as Ferrari reveals F1 2022 car name.

Much like McLaren and Williams, now Sauber has started ‘Sauber Technologies’ on the onset of 2022, with the division to focus on Engineering and Aerodynamics work where they will create a service business for individuals and industries.

Sauber Technologies will be based out of the group’s Hinwil base in Switzerland as the team will utilise the skill set of the people working. The relation with ‘Sauber Motorsport’ will help the division to utilise the expertise and skills of the experienced personnel.

They will also have the resources at Hinwil with latest machinery. “The birth of Sauber Technologies is a logical step, yet an extremely exciting one, in the growth of our company,” said Axel Kruse, Sauber Technologies CEO.

“Having a stand-alone company incorporating the skills and know-how of its previous component entities and being fully dedicated to external customers allows us to offer not only world-class skills, but also an equal level of service to current and prospective clients. The team at Sauber Technologies is looking forward to bringing our innovation to the world.”

At the same time, Christoph Hansen, COO of Sauber Technologies, added: “Sauber Technologies embodies the knowledge and expertise of 50 years of motorsport, matched with the latest technologies and a machine park second to none. Our staff can take care of every stage of any project, from the idea to the preliminary design, on to manufacturing and finishing of a product – in a wide range of industries.

“We have seen some of the practical applications of our expertise in recent months and we are excited about the new opportunities that await us in the future. We bring a cross-discipline approach to the table, allowing our customers to access processes and technologies in novel ways and bringing success stories from other fields into theirs. It’s a unique approach in this region and we’re ready to help our customers grow with our innovative mindset.”


In other news, Ferrari revealed its 2022 F1 car’s name to be F1-75, which is in relation to the 75 years of the company. The new car will be revealed on February 17 at 14:00 CET in the presence of the team personnel along with Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz.

“Formula One, with its spirit of competition and innovation, has always been a fundamental part of Ferrari, driving the technological development of our road cars,” said Chairman John Elkann. “This year, as we celebrate the 75th anniversary of our first production car leaving the factory, we honour that spirit by naming our 2022 F1 challenger the Ferrari F1-75.”

The release further added: “It refers to the anniversary that the company is celebrating this year. It was on 12th March 1947 in Maranello, that Enzo Ferrari fired up the engine of the 125 S for the very first time.”

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