Carlos Sainz is confident in Ferrari’s ability to return to competitiveness, saying they remain the best F1 team to help him earn a title.

The Italian F1 team endured a miserable 2020, finding themselves tested by the pitfalls of a devastatingly uncompetitive car which severely lacked power. So great were the team’s struggles that they finished sixth in the constructors’ championship after being runner-up in 2019.

Sainz enters the team in the wake of their worst season since 1980 – a season in which they finished 10th, in front of only Alfa Romeo. With his ambition to win the F1 championship clearly stated, the Spaniard insists Ferrari are still the best team to aid him in achieving this – in spite of their difficult 2020.

“Since the very first day I started racing I only had two targets in mind: to become a Formula 1 Grand Prix driver and to win the World Championship,” said Sainz. “After achieving the first one, all my focus and efforts are invested in trying to achieve the second target and there is no better place than Ferrari to go for it.

“The ambition is to help create a winning team, bring the Scuderia back to the very top where it belongs and win the World Championship,” Sainz said. The former McLaren star also argues that, as most all winning sports franchises do, Ferrari will eventually prove themselves capable of winning once more.

“Every single team goes through difficult moments at some point, it’s part of Formula 1. What really matters is the ability to bounce back,” said Sainz. “History shows that F1 teams that won in the past are capable of being competitive once again. Ferrari is the most successful team in the history of our sport and there is a reason behind that.

“If there is a team on the grid that can fight back to the top, it is Ferrari. I have full confidence in the project and, even though the process might take some time, I’m sure the team will eventually return to its winning ways. What you can be sure of is that I will give my absolute best to help shorten that process as much as possible,” Sainz said.

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