George Russell admits the set-up choices he took in the last few F1 races wasn’t the right one for him after a recovery drive at Spa.

After a decent start to his campaign, Mercedes’ Russell has had a bit of a dip in his performances. At Spa, he took a bit of different direction with the set-up and it worked which proved to him that the route he took in previous rounds weren’t.

“I think Spa validated probably the direction we’ve taken with the setup in recent races hasn’t been the right one,” said Russell. “We also suffered with a huge amount of bouncing today. A number of teams did, maybe not as severe as we did.

“Obviously, it is a bit of a shame to see that as a sport at the pinnacle of motorsport, the majority of teams are still struggling with bouncing. You know, I hope something can be solved in that regard in the future,” summed up Russell, who also admitted about the first few races being a good one for him but the rest not as much.

“It has been a season of two halves,” said Russell. “So, I’d say the first six races were really strong. The last six races not so much. A few ideas why that is, quite a lot of missed opportunities this season for various reasons.

“Some from mistakes of my own, some you know like the failure in Australia cost me a lot of points. But nevertheless, you know, if you’re not fighting for the P1 in the drivers championship, you just want to maximize the constructors and so far we’re kind of doing that.”

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