The Swedish driver has won today the last race of FIA F3 2015 at Hockenheim. The race started with a wet track, and has been marked by the performances of the safety car, which we have seen 4 times. Albon was second and third Giovinazzi.


The start of the race had to be delayed by the dense fog that was there from early in the morning on the Hockenheimring. The track was a bit humid and while some drivers opted to go out with dry tires, others did with rain tires.

At the start, the two drivers that started in the front (Dennis and Giovinazzi) lost several positions. Felix Rosenqvist went very well and became the race leader, followed by Albon who started fifth. In the first lap, Lance Stroll spun after touching with another driver.

On lap 3, Pietro Fittipaldi tried to overtake Pohler at turn 8 but the Double R Racing driver didn’t let him pass, and he closed the door to the Brazilian, who stood in the middle of the track with the car damaged. This meant that the safety car came out, and most of the drivers who had entered wet wheels, changed to put slicks as the track was becoming dry.

When the safety car retired Rosenqvist was first, followed by Albon, Sims, Giovinazzi, Jensen, Leclerc and Ferrucci.

But one lap later, the safety car came out again after Russell a touch with Rao and stayed in the loophole of turn 11.

The fight now was focused between Albon, Sims, Giovinazzi and Jensen for second place, as Rosenqvist had escaped. Sims attacked Albon at turn 8, but the British driver opened too much and Giovinazzi took the oportunity to get the third place.

The safety car went out for the third time after Jeffri stayed in the loophole of turn 11, just as happened three laps before with Russell. One lap later the safety car retired, it had to go out again because there were parts from Ferrucci’s front wing on track.

We reached the maximum race time when the safety car was on track, so the 2015 season of the FIA F3 was ending behind the safety car. Rosenqvist took the victory, followed by Albon, Giovinazzi, Sims, Ilott, Günther, Dennis and Jensen.