Dave Robson talks about the momentum and confidence at Williams and how the year is a bit different to 2017 even though there are similarities.

Williams are on a role right now big time, with points in Hungary, Belgium, Italy and Russia. In fairness, they did get lucky in Hungary owing to a first corner incident but all teams need luck and this was finally Williams’s turn. But since that race they have been on a good run, their best for a number of seasons.

In a nutshell, since 2017. Prior to this run commencing, they had been unlucky at Austria and at the teams home Grand Prix. It was a step by step approach, and the team were getting there and are now in the ascendancy. Team-Work, co-operation, the decision making process even, is behind the surge as per Robson.

“I think there’s definitely there’s momentum for sure and making some good decisions encourages you to continue to make those good decisions, that definitely helps,” said Robson to media including FormulaRapida.net. “The car is not too bad and in the dry it’s not got the pace that we like, but it’s okay it’s something we can work with which we haven’t always had in the last couple of years.

“I think though the last few events, each event has been a little bit different, so there’s definitely that momentum which links them all together and it’s not just a fluke but I think all the circumstances are a little bit different. In Sochi, much like Spa, I still am quite happy to admit that once we get into Q3 and those kind of circumstances we don’t have a lot to lose.

“The teams that expect to be in the Top 3/4/5 they have a lot to lose because if we got that wrong and the slick had been the wrong call, there isn’t time to put the inter back on and get a meaningful lap and so we’d have been 10th and that’s much more difficult for the top teams to take that chance.

“In Sochi, it was a bit like Spa and we were happy to try it. We were already quite happy having got 10th at worst, so it gives us the freedom to make those decisions. I think the other thing that underlines the whole operation recently is it is just a good group of people doing a good job and being put into a position where we can do a good job I think,” summed up Robson.

However, alongside this, Sporting Director Jost Capito has offered a different perspective. Williams as a team who were struggling for the last few seasons might as well just “go for it”, as they really for quite some time had nothing to lose results and performance wise.

“I think it’s a bit of both, as I say, I think the car is good enough at the moment that we can at least see some reward for taking those kinds of decisions which makes a big difference,” said Robson. “It means you don’t make the decision and then look back with unjustified regret afterwards because you actually see some reward for it.

“I think equally though,  Jost undoubtedly is very supportive of those decisions. That’s not to say that the previous management wasn’t. But Jost is very proactive in reminding us that we are free to make those kinds of decisions and that there won’t be any direct comeback if it turns out to be wrong. He undoubtedly has a part to play in setting that scene and allowing us to do a good job,” summed up Robson.

As per the top of the story, it is the best they have been doing since 2017. That year was a good midfield performing season where Williams finished fifth in the constructors’ championship, so then the team were solid. A year later and 10th out of 11 and the wheels were starting to fall off the wagon.

So for a while Williams were tail enders. In 2017 they were a consistent team getting results so they were always “there” or thereabouts. The last few races have given them their mojo back. In a nutshell, 2017 was a goodish season and they got decent results throughout but these last few races have been a long time coming and there is a high level of delight as these have been a long time coming.

In some ways it is equally good and in others it is better because it has been so long. “I suppose it is a little bit different, but certainly it is up there, I mean the morale is high, everyone is happy and you can feel that about the place which I think is the key bit about having had a bit of a string of results,” said Robson.

“Its not appearing even internally to just being a sort of flash in the pan I think and that’s what really gives people morale and the belief and then it breeds more morale and more belief. Yeah it’s good, I think it’s a bit different to 2017 just because the pressure is a little different but yeah it’s similar and it does bode well,” summed up Robson.

The story is written by Neil Farrell

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